The origin of 'Woodbridge School,' now one of the leading 'Schools' of the country dates back to 2002. When a senior couple Mrs.Priscilla Kerr and Mr. Simeon Kerr also then the 'Vice Principal' of 'Sherwood College,' Nainital, with an enormous experience back up of thirty seven years in the field of education believed that learning is based on the 'Principles of Respect and Independence' and evaluated that this excellence is achieved by prescribing to the following.

  1. Children learn to think for themselves.
  2. Each child is considered to be a unique individual.
  3. Children are driven by cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition.
  4. Children learn from concrete experience and direct interaction with the environment.

Well assisted by their son Vinay and daughter-in-law Anita also highly experienced in the field of 'Management and Education' eventually laid down the foundation stone of Woodbridge on the 18th of December, 2002 at Dob,Lewshal, Sattal. Distt. Nainital.