The School Library & Resource Centre


Woodbridge Strongly believes that Education’ and ‘library’ are two inseparable—indivisible concepts, both being fundamentally and synchronically related to and co-existent with each other. One cannot be separated from the other, and the existence of one is an impossibility without the other. None of them is an end in itself, rather both of them together are a means to an ultimate end.

The Woodbridge School Library is a learned institution in itself and is equipped with world class Fiction/Non Fiction Novels, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Teacher Resources, Ready References, Biographies, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries etc. It enables, encourages and empowers teaching and learning for all members of the school community.

These treasures of knowledge are maintained, organized, and managed by trained personnel’s to educate the children and assist in their self-improvement through an effective and prompt dissemination of information embodied in the resources.

The available resources offer an amazing variety of learning experiences for all ages as it comes from a variety of sources, within India and abroad.

The School Library is equipped with the latest Audio Visual Aids and interactive electronic touch Smart board displaying images via a digital short throw projector that provides teachers and students an extra presentation tool. Students and teachers can work together/Individually during a presentation or lecture.