Rules Regulations


  1. A letter addressed to a student in the School (Classes I to VIII) should contain the following details:
    1. Name of the student
    2. Class
    3. Woodbridge School, dob, Lewshal, P.O. Bhowali, distt. Nainital.263132 Uttarakhand.
  2. All correspondence with the Principal regarding a student should state the Class, Roll No. of the student. This will enable the Principal to obtain the necessary information at the earliest and give a prompt reply.
  3. No verbal assurance of any nature, alleged to be given by any member of the Staff, will be accepted as binding on the School. Similarly, parents must always write to the Principal on any point they wish to raise or make. No correspondence should be carried out by any parent with any teacher in regard to their wards in this school.
  4. The Principal is the 'local guardian' of all boarder students and the school recognizes no other unless the parent or legal guardian is for the time being residing locally.
  5. The School shall recognize only the particular person (father, mother or legal Guardian of the student) who gets the student admitted in the School and submits the duly completed Admission Application Form, as the only person authorized to give instructions of any sort whatsoever regarding the student. The School shall not entertain any instructions or correspondence regarding a student from any person other than the one who gets the student admitted in the school, even though such other person may be father, mother or any other relative of the student.
  6. On admission of a student in the School a Roll Number is allotted to her which continues up to the time she leaves the school. In all correspondence with the School concerning any matter regarding the student the Roll Number so allotted to her must be mentioned. Otherwise it will not be possible to attend to the matter expeditiously. This is also necessary in order to avoid any confusion between students of identical names in the school.


  1. Students are permitted to go out on specified holidays only with those persons whose names are given in the Questionnaire, duly attested by the parents.
  2. Leave to a boarder student may not be granted, subject to her work and conduct being unsatisfactory, and no parent can demand that the child should be granted leave, if for some reason this has been denied to her by the school Authorities.
  3. Parents are requested to take special note of the School rules in respect of leave during the mid-term breaks and other holidays.
  4. Subject to paragraphs 1 and 2 above, a student will be granted leave in accordance with the dates specified.
  5. If a boarder student fails to report back to the school by the specified time she may have to forfeit the next leave due to her and if this should fail to ensure her reporting punctually in future, she will be required to be withdrawn.
  6. Parents are requested to ensure that their children return to the school in the specified time after the mid-term, winter holidays or any other holiday/holidays.
  7. Students admitted in March will not be permitted leave till the second Saturday of April and parents are advised, in the interest of their children, not to visit them till this period is over in order to enable their children to adjust to their new environment.
  8. Going out for overnight stay: Permission will be granted only to the parents and very close relatives authorized by the parents to do so.
  9. Anyone below the age of 25 years will not be granted permission to take a student out of the school.
  10. Special leave may be sanctioned by the authority once in a month, through the following channel
    1. An SMS or Email should be sent by the Parent from the Registered Mobile / Email Id. to our Coordinators. at 7895000292 or for which a confirmation message regarding sanctioning / non sanctioning of leave will be sent back.
    2. The SMS/Email from the school authorities sanctioning the leave is to be shown and verified at the school gate before taking the child.


  1. No visitors can visit the children during the week.

Telephone Calls

  1. Telephone calls can be made to children fortnightly as per the routine set by the management.

Food Parcels

  1. The school does not allow food or fruit parcels being sent to students, by post, Courier or persons. No tuck should be given to the students.

Possession of Articles

  1. Parents are advised not to send their children to the school with expensive Watches, cameras, tape-recorders, jewellery or any other expensive articles. The School will not be responsible for any loss incurred by a student.
  2. No money order can be sent directly to a student.


  1. Day-scholars are not permitted to leave the school premises during class hours or at lunch-time without the written permission of the Principal. Leave application must be submitted whenever a child is absent from the school.
  2. Day-scholars who are persistently unpunctual and irregular in attendance will be first warned and next suspended. Finally, if no improvement follows, their parents will be directed to withdraw them from the school.
  3. Repeated acts of misconduct or dishonesty by a student, and failure to respond to the disciplinary measures taken by the school authorities, will lead to the expulsion of the student concerned or her withdrawal being required by the Principal.
  4. Correspondence with the parents will be sent to the address given to the school in the Admission Form. Parents must notify the school of any subsequent change of address.
  5. The Principal , at any time, without assigning any reason, may require a parent or guardian to withdraw his/her child from the school if she considers It is in the interest of the school.
  6. The school cannot accept the responsibility in case of an accident. This applies to all accidents, which may occur in the Science Laboratories or on the games field or on journeys to and from the school.
  7. The age of a student accepted by the school will be stated in the student's Transfer Certificate. The Principal may, if she considers it necessary, insist on seeing the birth registration certificate in original.
  8. No travel arrangements will be made by the school.
  9. In the event of fees not being received by the due date of the instalment, a fine of 7.25% will be charged. If the instalment of the school fees including penalty due, if any, is not paid by the due date after the three reminders from the school the name of the student will be struck off from the school Rolls and readmission may be granted by the Principal in her discretion on payment of all arrears plus fresh admission fees.
  10. Incase the Parents Withdraw their Ward/Child/Children during the running session, the full fee of the year will be charged by the school.The imprest deposit will be refunded after deduction of all the extra expenditures incurred by the school on the Ward/Child/Children.Only after the clearance of the dues will the Transfer Certificate be granted.