Message from The Director

The Directors Message


Greetings to you, and a very warm welcome to our Website.

With my love for education, combined with a true passion, keeping in mind that childhood education concerns itself with what is best for children, it was always a dream of mine to open a school which would impart a quality education and would enhance the lives of the children through gentle consistent encouragement and support and to assure parents of the safety of their children throughout their stay with us, along with the time spent in these facilities where children enjoy learning their curriculum, play, and socialization. The quality of the childhood education a child receives has a direct impact on positive child development.

These children are not only experiencing normal brain growth, but verbal and physical skills as well. Here at Woodbridge, teachers use a variety of techniques for imparting quality education. We use lesson plans, worksheets, and even teacher resources for these young students. Being introduced to the learning process is an important step for these children. They soon embark on a whole new world of learning.

Deciding our motto 'Light of the World', involved a lot of introspection and thinking.

What exactly is being a true light was always an unanswered question on my mind however, what is real is that light stands out in darkness. A light never runs out of energy or luster. The sun, a ball of fire, and surely can be construed as a light is said to never run out of luster. God transcends all thoughts as he surely has lived out to be an example of being a true light.

In a world where pseudo behaviour and methodologies have taken a tremendous toll in the grooming of our children, today it is important for us to identify the light that comes from the true source of light that surely brings people from one point to another. It leads them to their destiny.

A light cannot be described as such, as long as it doesn't provide enough luster to pave the way. We have to be beyond the literal description of the light and not only pave the way to a bright future, but also pave the way to restoration so that we may arise once again to the original intent of making a true citizen who makes the difference.

Today I strongly believe, that teachers of children because they have in the law the essential features of knowledge and of the truth, should be convinced that they themselves are a guide to the needy, a light to those who are evolving in this beautiful world of ours.

Warm Regards,

 Mr. Vinay Kerr