For enquiries on Admissions, send the child’s details exclusively to:


SMS/WhatsApp:- 9997031012

  1. The school will provide admission in all the classes depending on the availability of seats.
  2. The registrations will be done in August.
  3. After the child is registered he/ she will be sent a syllabus for the class applied for to prepare for the assessment.
  4. Only those students who are registered by the school will need to undergo an assessment which will be made in December/January in the school.
  5. The assessment will be done to analyze the weakness and strength of the child.
  6. The parents/ guardians need to be present at the time of assessment as the performance of the child will be discussed there and then after a thorough screening.

Minimum Age Requirements As On 1st of March

Class Minimum Age
Nursery 3 Years
L. Kg. 4 Years
U. Kg. 5 Years
I 6 Years
II 7 Years
III 8 Years
IV 9 Years
V 10 Years
VI 11 Years
VII 12 Years
VIII 13 Years
IX 14 Years
X 15 Years